Best way to use binary option github

Amin, I want to make the strategy at the crossing of SMA 14 and SMA 21, only when they crossing, the robot would open transaction Written by algorithm, but the transaction is not open The robot does not work the condition of equality. Can anyone help me with the issue in binary. Eutou tentando encontrar uma estrategia com maiores niveis de acertos, com investimento e ganho baixo. Please describe me the strategy you have in mind and I can implement for you.

From here you can see the installers for my BOTs and some movies showing how they work:. Allesandro, your bot lost entire deposit, and do not offer traders for the money to buy it, it does not cost a cent. Hello Amin Marashi , link does not work. Amin Marashi please give me an example bot to even odd? I tried several times not managed to make, if the order is odd bot will continue to order odd and never order the even, please help to boots can order odd and genal.

Thank you for your help. Hi I can't seem to post a question. I get a invalid category id? I'm trying to ask a question regarding the bot.. Script says one odd then one even and when it follows this it actually provides pretty good results.

Then all of a sudden the bot runs 6 or 7 evens or odds in a row and wipes me out! How can a script do something it's not programmed to do!? Error in the script??

Sorry been scammed a couple times already not to mention the hundreds of attempted scams in less than 2 months into binary options.. Why won't the bot just take one put and one call consecutively and never deviate from this sequence?!

Hope to get a answer to this question. Hi Wayne , you can find an example of that strategy in here Also, you can find more examples here. The best way to send your inquiries is to use our GitHub issues or to contact us through this email: FYI, All of our codes are open source, meaning that you can read them, load them, change them as you want and even share your own version with other users. October edited March Hi all, We moved to https: Amin, you can show an example of how it will look or show XML file?

Anyone how to make bot to enter the trade when the new candle opens? November edited February Amin, please add the RSI indicator at the binary. December edited December Yes, Amin, I have seen on github, simply duplicated here just in case. From here you can see the installers for my BOTs and some movies showing how they work: January 26 edited January 26 ekozhin.

Your answer is really superficial. For instance, Xcode projects on the Mac contain a file that ends in. The file is meant to be consumed by a machine. In essence, you want to treat it like a binary file. To tell Git to treat all pbxproj files as binary data, add the following line to your. You can also use the Git attributes functionality to effectively diff binary files.

You do this by telling Git how to convert your binary data to a text format that can be compared via the normal diff. Everyone knows that Word is the most horrific editor around, but oddly, everyone still uses it. If you want to version-control Word documents, you can stick them in a Git repository and commit every once in a while; but what good does that do? If you run git diff normally, you only see something like this:. It turns out you can do this fairly well using Git attributes.

Put the following line in your. This tells Git that any file that matches this pattern. You have to set it up. Finally, you can configure Git to use this script:. Now Git knows that if it tries to do a diff between two snapshots, and any of the files end in.

This effectively makes nice text-based versions of your Word files before attempting to diff them. Chapter 1 of this book was converted to Word format and committed in a Git repository. Then a new paragraph was added. Another interesting problem you can solve this way involves diffing image files. One way to do this is to run image files through a filter that extracts their EXIF information — metadata that is recorded with most image formats. If you download and install the exiftool program, you can use it to convert your images into text about the metadata, so at least the diff will show you a textual representation of any changes that happened.

If you replace an image in your project and run git diff , you see something like this:. Git attributes offers you two ways to do this. If you set this attribute on a file or set of files, then the next time you check out that branch, Git will replace that field with the SHA-1 of the blob. However, that result is of limited use. These filters can be set to do all sorts of fun things. The original commit message for this feature gives a simple example of running all your C source code through the indent program before committing.

You can set it up by setting the filter attribute in your. The cat program does essentially nothing: This combination effectively filters all C source code files through indent before committing. To do this properly, you need a small script that takes a filename, figures out the last commit date for this project, and inserts the date into the file.

Here is a small Ruby script that does that:. If you commit those changes and check out the file again, you see the keyword properly substituted:. You can see how powerful this technique can be for customized applications. You have to be careful, though, because the. When you design these filters, they should be able to fail gracefully and have the project still work properly. Git attribute data also allows you to do some interesting things when exporting an archive of your project.

You can tell Git not to export certain files or directories when generating an archive. You can add the following line to your Git attributes file:. When exporting files for deployment you can apply git log 's formatting and keyword-expansion processing to selected portions of files marked with the export-subst attribute. The substitutions can include for example the commit message and any git notes , and git log can do simple word wrapping:.

You can also use Git attributes to tell Git to use different merge strategies for specific files in your project. This is helpful if a branch in your project has diverged or is specialized, but you want to be able to merge changes back in from it, and you want to ignore certain files.