Binary to readable string c timespan

If the number of seconds was to be written with one decimal digit say and the output format was F4. Various systems make this mistake, as also with latitude and longitude, and it is a general problem. A fixup pass is necessary before generating the output: If not, set it to zero and augment the minutes count. If this is 60 or more, set it to zero and augment the hours count, and so on. Click this link to run this code. The built-in polymod method which is a generalization of the divmod function known from other languages , is a perfect match for a task like this:.

This solution deviates from the prompt a bit in order to make it more general. The data-driven procedure below can be customised to use different breakpoints, simply by editing the dictionary. However, it is capable to transform an integer value as required. Create account Log in. Then you can format your time as you want using DateTime. Unity you can write an extension method to have the TimeSpan. ToString string format behavior like. This way you can format any TimeSpan object by simply calling ToString from anywhere of your code.

By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Email Sign Up or sign in with Google. What is the best way to convert seconds into Hour: John Saunders k 22 TimeSpan has many constructors but I have always missed the static to convert seconds back to TimeSpan.

A backslash preceding a character means it's a literal should be preserved as-is. Homer He would need to change out t.

TotalHours to fix that issue. Inder Kumar Rathore 30k 14 92 You do not need TimeSpan to add seconds to DateTime. MehdiDehghani could you please what's wrong in that because it's been 3yrs I've not coded in. FromSeconds 80 ; You can then obtain the number of days, hours, minutes, or seconds. Jim Mischel k 10 FromSeconds 80 ; http: Jim Petkus 4, 17 FromSeconds secs ; return string. Andrew 4, 1 12 I'd suggest you use the TimeSpan class for this.

FromSeconds 80 ; Console. FromSeconds ; Console. Oliver Friedrich 5, 5 34 NET, but it's the same in C: Dim x As New TimeSpan 0, 0, 80 debug. ToString ' Will print Nathan Tuggy 2, 9 23