Combination lock settings

Push change lever on back of lock toward center and toward openings. Change lever cannot be moved into combination setting position unless combination wheel is set at present combination Set wheels to your own private numbers.

Record your number on a card and keep in a safe location. After your combination is recorded move changes lever back to the original positon.

Your lock is now set to a new combination. Check your combination before closing box cover as follows: Turn wheel to any combination. Lock latch will appear through the two lock openings, you have correctly set the combination.

If the lock latch can be seen, return to Step 2. Frequently Asked Questions Returns. I purchased it new in the late s. It is a retractable, thin-cabled lock like the R4.

It has a button that opens the lock and a switch to retract the cable. The combination is 3 numeric digits. The casing is black plastic. There are no other buttons on it and I can't figure out how to reset the combination. Can you provide instructions, please?

I actually figured out my combination using brute force: I started with , , With any combination lock, you would need the combination in order to open the lock and reset it. Unfortunately, there is no "quick fix". I got a KryptoFlex and, right out of the packaging, attempted resetting the password numbers. The instructions say "turn counterclockwise until it comes to a stop" This can be very misleading, as with my reset buttons they didn't want to rotate all the way to the end of the slot.

I tried using significant pressure and turning them after pressing down and there was no way to get them to rotate that full distance. As a result, I ended up resetting about half of the four numbers in my new sequence instead of the complete four. I got the lock post stuck halfway in or out of the locking post and I spent a long time finding the correct combination to successfully extract the post out of the lock again.

After I did, I attempted to reset my own numbers once more and this time I got the red reset buttons to completely turn to the end of the slot.