Dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds

February 7, 2: Interest rates have stayed lower so much longer than most would have expected after the financial crisis. Federal Reserve has begun raising interest rates, most recently a 0. The Bank of Canada has not raised dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds since June — and their last move was a rate decrease in July As the RRSP approaches the typical retirement age, participation has been declining and it has some people wondering if it might be time to retire the RRSP.

Although Canadian interest rates may not rise ina surprising jobs report in December showed the Canadian labour market grew up by 53, jobs, compared to expectations of a 2, decline. This is a sign that Canadian rate hikes may be coming as the economy improves. The Canada year bond yield was well under 2 per cent for much of but rose significantly from 1.

In the meantime, what is an RRSP investor to do given the low-yield environment that still largely persists? But do not expect to get these rates from your bank. Credit unions and online banks rule the GIC market these days due to their lower overhead costs. For stock investors, eighteen stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange started with yields of more than 5 per cent.

Most of them were preferred share and high-yield bond funds or real estate investment trusts REITsbut stocks like Corus Entertainment Inc. Verizon is the only U. There are myriad exchange-traded funds ETFsmutual funds passive and active and money managers that have a focus on high-yielding dividend stocks like these. Preferred shares are similar to bonds, in that they pay a fixed, pre-determined dividend to investors.

Despite a negative return over the 5 years ending Dec. High-yield bonds are otherwise known as junk bonds, although that term may be a little harsh. These are bonds paying a high rate of interest because the issuers are of lesser credit quality than government and investment-grade corporate bonds. On the downside, high-yield bonds are riskier and some of the companies that issue them are that much more likely to go to zero than a less risky issuer.

On the upside, if the issuing company performs well and receives a credit rating dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds or the economy performs well, high-yield bonds have the potential for price appreciation. Historically, the default rate for high-yield bonds in the U. In the recession, it peaked at around 14 per cent. Investors have to be careful about buying individual high-yield bonds.

There are plenty of ETFs, mutual funds and money managers that can offer diversification within this sector. REITs are stocks that invest in real estate by either owning or financing investment properties. They are like mutual funds, in that they pool together several different investments income-producing real estate or mortgages into one investment. The current distribution yield is 5. I have noticed the private market seems to be providing a lot of supply of income-oriented investment products ranging from mortgage funds to factored receivables to private REITs.

I highly recommend an exempt market dealer EMD when considering private market investments to help wade through the options. If someone is over the age of 71 and has begun RRIF withdrawals, low yields mean they dip into capital given the required withdrawal schedule. Withdrawal rates may have declined in the federal budget, but there are still minimum withdrawals of 5. Dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds that said, yield is just one part of the investment equation. If all you look at is yield, you may ignore other important considerations.

Someone pursuing dividends at the expense of all else would have bought Nortel preferred shares right into the ground. So consider this article a rudimentary summary of some of the income options available to you as an investor in a low yield world. Focus on dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds big picture though, whether considering individual investments or your overall financial planning.

Dividend-yielding stocks, bonds and Dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds can help grow your cash pile. But, dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds Jason Heath, they are not they only part of a sound financial plan.

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Speak to a registered financial advisor to learn more transferring investments to a TFSA and what is right for your financial goals and needs. You might do this if you dont have the cash to make your contribution, but you have investments that you want to use instead. You are considered to have sold your investments dividend paying etfs exchange traded funds their fair market value and will have to report any resulting gain on your tax return.

You can claim an RRSP deduction equal to the fair market value of the investments transferred to your RRSP.