Etrade brokerage account interest rates

You can get access to real-time quotes, along with intrinsic and time values. Other tools allow you to screen for stocks that are likely to meet your budget needs and interests. There are a number of technical tools and charts that can help you track performance, as well as customize how you view the market.

They also help you create your own strategy by analyzing your experience, goals, and risk tolerance. These are all tools that any trader can use to enhance his or her experience. Additionally, they also offer the Etrade Pro. This is a desktop trading platform with direct access to your account and to real-time trading. And, of course, like most brokers, They also offer mobile applications for those who are on the go. In addition to great research tools, Etrade is also known for its extensive research.

You can find a body of research on common investment terms and strategies, as well as in-depth information on various investments. They also offer a section for guidance and retirement that can help you figure out how to invest in a way that helps you reach your retirement goals. There is also a community of investors that can help you with tips and information, and you can share your own knowledge with others.

Is Etrade Right for You? What online broker you decide to use depends largely on your goals, as well as what you are willing to pay for the opportunities you have to trade. Additionally, they got rid of account minimum fees, since customers were complaining about them. Now, there are no account maintenance fees, it can be worth it for some traders to use Etrade. Additionally, the reasonable rate for real-time trades can be a plus for many active investors who make more than trades in a quarter.

For many investors, though, it can get expensive. The inactivity policy for some accounts can become annoying, and there is a minimum for certain accounts, including the ability to use the cash account as a checking account, and the high minimum for trading on margin.

The deposits usually takes about business day to show up. Tested fund transfers usually gets withdrawal from external account at the very next business day if you initiate transfer before 4 P. EST , and is cleared for withdrawal from your E-Trade savings on the evening of the 3rd business day after the day of deposit. Contacting E-Trade is straightforward enough. Some basic questions regarding withdrawals and transfers were sent to customer service for testing, and an E-Trade customer service representative was able to reply correctly to the question within about 48 hours.

Not too bad, but nothing stellar either. Customer service is of course, a your-result-may-vary issue that deeply depends on the complexity of your question or problem.

If you need immediate customer service, you should consider calling E-Trade Bank at , from 7 A. You can also fax E-Trade Bank at Take note that these customer service numbers are different than those of E-Trade Securities.

The annual percentage yield rate has been competitive with other high-yield savings, thus making rate-chase a lesser issue. Really liked all the detail and screenshots. But I might check out some of the current offerings in the near future. Wow, I am glad you had a much better experience than I did with them opening up cd accounts. It was very confusing and they made mistakes that one account rep said that I had to pay for.

I finally got it straightened out but ended closing the account as soon as I could. I am all for services online, but it would take a lot for me to go back to them. Closing CDs are really easy and fast by using their online secure message. Best ACH in the business. Am looking to Fidelity mostly because of that 1. The ATM fee refunds are also nice. Would also like to consolidate my local checking accounts into one big Fidelity account, for simplicity.

Thanks for the info. If it falls below at times it will , the rate falls to 1. I just got off the phone with E-trade and everything checks out. I will be moving my money there. I have had E-Trade securities accounts in the past and was satisfied. However, I have read several accounts in recent months that the company may be in poor financial condition. Certainly FDIC deposits are protected and I do not wish to be a fear monger, but feel that people should do their own investigation and include this aspect in their comparisons.

I checked and it shows 2. I still can get to the 3. Refresh the page and it reverts to the 2. Only can get to 3. IE on Windows get 2. Unfortunately, click through to start the sign-up process on Firefox fails. On Saturday when I called the no. I was given, I was told that they would not be answering the phone until Monday. My advice to etrade: Etrade is a piece of crap! I have a brokerage account with them. I tried unsuccessfuly to set up wire transfers from etrade to another account from the web.

Even closing down the account is an adventure. The people they have on the phone are not helpful at all. Stay away from Etrade…. Online service has always been solid. The online transfers in and out are easy and fast.

I have a hi-yield complete savings account that I transfer money into each week. I recently received notice that the interest rate was dropped to 0.