Forex scalper robot

Spread, slippage and execution speed play a very important role for this strategy: There are no forex scalper robot slippage or requotes on demo accounts. High liquidity is also important for the success of this strategy. The most popular scalping techniques are discussed bellow.

Here is the simplest and most efficient scalping technique I know: Use price action techniques in order to spot strong movements then trade in the direction of the main trend. The main direction of the trend is clearly down on a higher forex scalper robot. I wait for the latest mini support line lower low to be penetrated from above then enter short at retest. Close the position 10 pips later. Stop loss is placed a few pips above resistance line.

Scalping strategies — breakouts in the direction of the trend. Trade only if the trend in strong on a higher timeframe and the previous range is clearly broken. Wait for a clear signal that the range has been broken wait for the current candle to closethen open a trade in the direction of the trend. Stop loss should be placed at the beginning of previous candle. Scalp trend reversals A long and strong rally is almost always followed by a reversal which provides wonderful trading opportunities.

Usually price action is again used in order to spot the reversal points. If a candle has a very huge shadow it means that we are near a strong rejection level which usually happens after a long rally.

Here is an example:. The trade should be closed for a loss if the price reverses and the current candle closes above the last forex scalper robot shadow. Take profit should be larger than stop loss so I close the trade when I spot the next strong rejection point.

Scalping near high impact news Forex scalper robot is dangerous due to high slippage and many requotes, but profitable if you are lucky. Just wait for forex scalper robot figures to be released and if the results are positive for the currency open a trade right away.

Of course there are forex scalper robot scalping methods available but presenting them is beyond the purpose of this article. This is just a presentation to get you used with scalping techniques. Are you interested in a pay per profit scheme? Home About forex scalper robot Contact me Old forex robots. Details here Yes No View Results.