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He is currently one of the coders at craigslist http: Most recently, this has led him to focus on security in the mobile space at Lookout Mobile Security. Ivan Ristic Qualys Ivan Ristic is a respected security expert and author, known especially for his contribution to the web application firewall field and the development of ModSecurity, the open source web application firewall. Chris Paget has over a decade of experience as an information security consultant and forex thomas cocinero india ltd forex division trainer for a wide range of financial, online, and software companies. Esteban currently works for Argeniss doing information security research and developing security related software solutions.

Attacks and Defense Addison-Wesley He specializes in application security and is recognized as the discoverer of most of the vulnerabilities in Oracle server software. Gen Michael Hayden General Michael Hayden served as director of the CIA and deputy director of National Intelligence at a time when the course of world events was changing at a rapidly accelerating rate.

He has published extensively, frequently gives talks forex thomas cocinero india ltd forex division industry and academic conferences, and has been granted several U. Previously, he worked as a research and development engineer for Aruba Networks, concentrating on wireless security threats and prototyping new products. Chris Eng, Senior Director of Research at Veracode, helps define and implement the security analysis capabilities of Veracode's service offerings. Becherer spent several years as a Risk and Credit Analyst in the financial services industry. Highly respected by White House National Security Council and Congressional staffers, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury and private sector leaders — particularly the financial services sector — for his subject matter expertise and skills in policy formulation and ardent advocacy, Mr.

Chris Eng Chris Eng, Senior Director of Research at Veracode, helps define and implement the security analysis capabilities of Veracode's service offerings. Prior to WhiteHat, Grossman was an information security officer at Yahoo! VAO is also very active in helping the broader national security community deal with these same problems through guidance and standards.

Esteban has developed and presented novel database attack techniques at international conferences such as Black Hat and WebSec. Gustav Rydstedt is a masters student at Stanford University. Adam Shostack is a member of Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle team, where he is responsible for security design analysis techniques, including the company's threat modeling tools and methodologies. One of forex thomas cocinero india ltd forex division single largest intelligence programs of the Bush administration, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative has been carried forward by the Obama administration. His areas of interest include computer security, artificial intelligence, and software architecture.

Jason Raber has spent 9 years in the world of reverse engineering, preceded by 5 years working at Texas Instruments developing compiler tools for DSPs code generators, assemblers, linkers, disassemblers, etc. This includes deploying a cyber risk management program and building a national response system. With his strong academics, proven real world experience, and never-say-no attitude; it is only a matter of time. Silva's responsibilities include oversight of the technical and network security for a definitive database of millions of Web addresses in.

Meredith lives in Leuven, Belgium. Jason has also worked on the development side, creating and encryption tool that is officially certified for use on Air Force desktop systems, and a stealthy kernel debugger that is used by the DoD. Robert Hopper is Manager of NW3C Computer Crime Section is responsible for all aspects of management within the section including staff assigned throughout the country. Building on a background as a developer and architect in the financial services industry, he has spent much of the last three years assisting clients with the execution and planning of development lifecycle security activities.

Through his consulting projects, Karsten designs 'secure enough' technologies in private and public applications. Nick DePetrillo Nick DePetrillo is an independent security researcher with a focus on critical infrastructure. David heavily co-authored the Metasploit Unleashed course available online and has a number of security related white-papers in the field of exploitation. Marshall successfully represented the United States in two high profile cases in the United Kingdom:

Steve has been messing around with network security sincewhen he unintentionally connected his new wireless card to an Oracle database cluster. In addition to work in web-app and host-based vulnerability detection he spends time searching for 0-days and trying to help non-technologists understand the implications of information in security. Attacks and Defense Addison-Wesley