Hdfc bank online account opening minimum balance

Well, if you are well familiar with what HDFC Current Account has got in it to offer to you, then I am sure that you have made your decision whether or not to go with this bank.

For those with affirmative reply to this confusing question, should keep reading this post ahead to know about how to open Current Account in HDFC bank. Well, before I provide you the procedure about how to open current account in HDFC, let me tell you that this esteemed bank has got various types of current account available for you.

In case of SBI, Read: The procedure to get any other type is almost type. You can know about that variation and features of intended type of current account by visiting official website of HDFC Bank. Customer Identification proof, address proof etc. Below section drops a better light on the requirements. If you are looking to get account as Residential individual, sole proprietorship, then the documents you need to provide are:.

To open current account in HDFC bank, you need to provide address proof as well. The documents that can be accepted as valid address proof varies as per the type of current account you opt for. So, you are well aware about the features that the particular type of current account that you are looking to open in HDFC Bank?

Got the required documents ready? Got the amount required with you? You are all set to open current account in HDFC bank. You have successfully learnt the procedure of opening a current account in HDFC bank. What are you waiting for now? All of us rely on banks to save our money, to borrow money for home, business purposes.

Banking sector in India is quite big […]. I want opening current account in Hdfc bank in Rs 10k minimum balance so pls conduct any bank executives Call me Sir, I would like to open a current account in HDFC bank for studio company, kindly advise me what are facility available it is mentioned that in website of HDFC bank to open current account minimum RS.

I want apply for a current account in HDFC bank. Hi, I have my own small translation business, I need to open a current account in my business name, I have SSI registration certificate and for seal and letter head!

You can avail all banking facilities and services at zero balance requirement and simplified documentation. For an Indus Small Account the following conditions are applicable: Operations in a small account will be allowed initially for a period of twelve months with the relaxed provisions. In case the customer visits the branch within twelve months of account opening and provides evidence of having applied for any officially valid documents, then Bank will allow operations for a further period of twelve months.

If the customer fails to submit officially valid documents within the stipulated period, Bank will review the relaxation provisions. I was looking for a bank that offers maximum facilities with less or no restrictions as far as transactions and minimum balance is concerned. Indus small savings account was, therefore, the account for me. To open a savings account with the reputed IndusInd Bank, and getting the best-in-the-class facilities, there was nothing more I could ask for.

I wanted to open a saving account so that I can move around without carrying unnecessary cash and make my payments online. But at the same time, I did not want the restrictions of any minimum balance requirement. That is why I decided to open savings account with IndusInd bank because it effectively caters to all my banking requirements.

My Indus small savings account provides me with top grade banking comforts without the condition of maintaining a minimum balance. This is especially exciting for small investors like me who have very little to fall back on. Moreover, IndusInd Bank is very transparent with their policies and procedures and gives best services to its customers. Since I am a student and do not have much of an income, most of my money comes from stipends.

But I do like to save. IndusInd Bank has made savings possible for me through its IndusInd small savings account. This account allows me to save without the stress of maintaining a minimum monthly balance. For small savers like me, the zero balance IndusInd small savings account comes as a boon. Review by mdsitare , Dec Review by Satyaki , Feb Give Feedback Customer Reviews.

Indus Small Savings Account.