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In certain businesses, you need to get the permission of a particular authority; the Central Bank regulates finance; the Municipality in Dubai regulates engineering and construction. English is widely spoken throughout the country. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. British curriculum schools are in demand. Dubai and Abu Dhabi development as a tourism and business destination is also creating a buoyant market advertising and media.

The renewables market in the UAE is growing rapidly with:. The UAE has both onshore and offshore oil reserves, which are operated under concessions. This publication is available at https: Each emirate retains control of regulatory powers. The UAE economy continues to grow and the overall economic outlook is positive.

Contact the DIT team in the UAE for a list of English speaking lawyers who can help you with commercial disputes and tax and legal advisers. Production is currently around 3 million barrels per day bpdwith targets of 3. Each emirate may also have additional requirements. Where goods are imported into a UAE free zone, customs duties are not payable. The UAE prohibits and restricts the import of some products.

Waste to power technology is under consideration to deal with high waste per person rates. Opportunities for small and medium enterprises SMEs can be found within these bigger supply chains. The Sukuk and Takaful markets are growing sectors.

It focuses on banking, capital markets, asset management and fund registration; insurance and reinsurance; Islamic finance and professional service providers. Business behaviour in the UAE If you are a UK citizen you can get a 30 day visa on arrival. While a framework of legislation for the main intellectual property IP rights in the UAE does exist, there are no specialist IP courts and a lack of specialist local advocates.

Progress has been made with mutual recognition of FE and professional qualifications. Department for International Trade. Home Exporting to the United Arab Emirates.

Face-to-face meetings are preferred because phone calls and emails are sometimes seen as impersonal. While government linked developers are the largest players, there are also a significant number of private developers engaged in delivering similar projects. The UAE is investing heavily in leisure and entertainment to cement its position as a leading tourism destination.