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The UAE has experienced rapid modernization due to the wealth derived from oil revenues. The country has the world's seventh long and short stock options dubai oil reserves, of which about 94 percent is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The economy is, in addition to oil revenues, also driven by trade that is concentrated in the financial metropolis Dubai.

From being one of the poorest areas in the world, the country has in a short time reached a high standard of living and is today one of the world 's richest countries in terms of GDP per capita. Swedish exports to the UAE amounted to approximately 5. The export includes a wide range of products including automotive, telecommunication equipment, iron and steel as well as engineering products. The majority of the imports consisted of fuels and chemical products.

Dubai has also been awarded the arrangement of the next World Expo, Expofor which the estimated investments only in infrastructure amount to almost 60 billion SEK. In addition to the role as a trading partner, the UAE is also an important regional hub for Swedish companies.

A lot of long and short stock options dubai business opportunities are generated in the UAE and a significant part of trade with Swedish products goes through the country. This is to large extent due to the beneficial establishment options being offered to international companies through more than 30 economic free zones. Business Sweden has been operating in Dubai since Over the years, we have achieved good local knowledge and a strong network of local business leaders and decision makers from both the public and private sector in order to promote Swedish competitiveness in the region.

The iconic Dubai Mall contains over 1, stores on 4 floors, and its smaller sibling, the Mall of the Emirates, has over stores. Long and short stock options dubai increase sales in the region of Dubai Brokk hired two qualified regional sales managers. Business Sweden used its large, local and regional network, as well as their experience within recruitment, and played an important part in the successful mission.

Log in to my pages. Are you missing an account? Have you forgotten your password? Show submenu Hide submenu United Arab Emirates. Today more than Swedish companies are directly or indirectly represented in the country.

With Dubai house prices around three-year lows and expected to rise ahead of Exponow could be the ideal moment to get onto the UAE property ladder. Deciding where to invest and what type of property to buy can be confusing so we have put together some handy pointers to help you choose wisely.

Undoubtedly, nearby community facilities are highly sought after and can help a district command a price premium versus areas with inferior amenities for both owner occupiers and tenants. On the flip side of that, excellent value can be obtained in new emerging communities where there is a lot of construction and the facilities and amenities are far from long and short stock options dubai. The obvious downside of this is the inconvenience, at least in the short term.

Views of construction sites and their accompanying 24 hour per day construction site noises will put off many. Basic infrastructure not only means limited conveniences nearby but can also mean increased traffic. Buyers should note that they often have a lot of stock under construction, with more in the planning pipeline which will have an obvious impact on supply and therefore potentially limiting your capital growth prospects.

But property is long and short stock options dubai waiting game. High entry costs plus additional exit costs mean you need to have at least a 5-year time frame in mind.

And long and short stock options dubai prices at year lows, your chance of gaining a positive outcome by and beyond is highly likely. View properties for sale in Sports City. Whether by design or miss-happen, new projects nearly always take longer to handover than expected. The bigger, more reputable developers, in general, are more reliable when it comes to delivering on time as they are less dependent on buyer installments to fund construction.

The other obvious risk with off plan is not getting what you expected you paid for. The view, finish and even size is long and short stock options dubai always guaranteed. Always double check the fine print which can often be left deliberately vague.

View properties for sale in JVC. In that case, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are obvious choices. Here though, accessibility is a factor to scrutinize closely — that high-rise Marina apartment might be achingly desirable, but what if it requires enduring a minute traffic jam to make it home each evening?

Please note that different buildings within the same community can enjoy much easier and tougher access both in and out. Trial it yourself at different times of the day before taking the plunge.

Such concerns have made many people wary of living in neighborhoods like JBR, so buyers must consider whether the other benefits of these locales sufficiently outweigh the negatives.

If you believe they will, then investing in a heavily congested, but amenity-rich neighborhood could provide a significant financial upside. The old adage of the 3 most important things to consider in real estate are location, location, location is certainly true of the Blue Chip communities in Dubai.

View properties for sale in Downtown Dubai. From the part of investors, these communities generally offer lower yields than the newer emerging communities. In these communities, furnishing the apartment and offering for short term rental can achieve excellent returns. Having it professionally long and short stock options dubai by an appropriately licensed agent is highly advisable.

Short term management is a very different business to the leasing service offered by most agents in Dubai. Short Term tenants come and go at different times for varying durations at weird and wonderful times of the day and nightcan leave a mess and be full of strange requests, all of which may be business-as-usual for a hotel manager but beyond the means of your average leasing agent.

Particularly for studios and 1 bedroom apartments. View properties for sale in DIFC. View properties for sale in Dubai Marina. For many buyers in Dubai, a water-view is a must have. A friend gave me some good advice when I first arrived in Dubai. View properties for sale in Arabian Ranches. If you are considering a villa purchase, propertyfinder. These potentially have the best capital growth prospects and rental long and short stock options dubai in this segment are also strong.

Again high single digits are possible. Again not bad compared to most parts of the world but for buyers in this segment with AED20M plus budgets, rental yields are usually not at the top of the tick list. View properties for long and short stock options dubai in Downtown Dubai For investors From the part of investors, these communities generally offer lower yields than the newer emerging communities.

View properties for sale in Arabian Ranches Looking for a villa?

Omnibus account solution for Clearstream customers via the DFM operating platform. Investors holding securities via an alternative arrangement using a global custodian and a local sub-custodian in the UAE will be required to follow the standard settlement flow for all DFM securities.

FOP transfers following the change of local custodian are permitted, but require specific transfer documentation to long and short stock options dubai completed following the submission of settlement instructions.

Local custodians receive and process settlement instructions received up until If a settlement instruction is missing and has not been received for a given transaction or not matching, then the custodian has the possibility to reject the transaction by close of business.

The local custodian notifies the exchange by This needs to be at The fund transfer takes place electronically between long and short stock options dubai banks appointed by the exchange and clearing banks appointed by the local custodian.

If a NASDAQ Dubai member wishes to provide settlement facilities on behalf of its clients, it must appoint a settlement bank for the purpose of cash settlement obligations. The settlement of trades executed via the DFM trading system is long and short stock options dubai and the mechanism does allow for fails or buy-ins. Once executed and matched on the trading system by brokers, settlement accounts covered by a NIN will be debited for securities in the event of a sale or credited with securities in the event of a purchase in favour of the NINprovided there are no rejections by the local custodian.

NASDAQ Dubai has drafted procedures long and short stock options dubai address the potential problem of transaction discrepancies errors, mismatched and unconfirmed transactions executed by local brokers for a specific long and short stock options dubai NIN. However, to mitigate this, the ND model does allow for shares to be placed into a custody account and moved across to the agent account when executions are requested.

This can result in opportunity costs as there may be a time delay in passing messages to get stock into the correct place to execute. The local custodian does not receive a settlement instruction from the investor via Clearstream by market deadline of The long and short stock options dubai of partial trades is not permitted. However, the investor will be subject to penalty charges imposed by the exchange and passed on via the custodian.

Under DFM regulations, OTC transactions for exchange members may be negotiated off-exchange but the resulting trade must take place on-exchange. Therefore, Clearstream customers will be required to cross external transactions on the DFM trading platform via their brokers. Brokers will also be required long and short stock options dubai report these transactions to the exchange. The Dubai market is fully dematerialised. The DFM mechanism requires pre-validation of available securities and mandatory settlement at the point of trade execution on the exchange.

Investors must ensure that long and short stock options dubai purchase order is initiated first prior to a sell order being placed via a local broker as all sell orders are validated against the availability of the NIN. Back to page Print. The custody is only accessible to the custodian and the CSD itself that is, not the broker. The account is used for the safekeeping of securities. Clearstream customers are required to advise their brokers of the NIN number when placing a trade with a broker.

Purchased securities are received into this account before the subcustodian can transfer them to the custody account. Likewise, securities to be sold are transferred onto this account from the custody account in order for the transaction to take place. Securities are not available for trading while they are held in the custody account. The Custodian responsible for the NIN is required to grant a specific broker access to the NIN; certain custodians grant this access on the condition that the broker enters into an SLA with them to govern the brokers access, liabilities and responsibilities.

T Investors long and short stock options dubai or sell securities via their broker. When placing their orders, brokers are required to quote the NIN of their customer on their instructions. Investors apply for a NIN via a local custodian and thereby appoint a local custodian access over the NIN and associated accounts. Designated brokers have access to their specific trading account at Clearstream's subcustodian for the purposes of executing trades.

Following trade execution, brokers receive confirmations from X-Stream and these are provided back to their customers. At the close of trading at If this too fails, a cash close-out will be calculated on the basis of the outstanding unsettled quantity against the NIN holder at the original traded price.

This document also outlines the process that will be employed by the NASDAQ Dubai to recover securities sold erroneously and for which no valid settlement instructions have been sent by a Custodian's clients. A letter of undertaking to be entered into by Clearing Members brokers and the Settlement Agent local Custodian. If the trade remains unsettled due to a lack of settlement instructions being sent to the local custodian, then the broker will follow up with the investor, its client, in order to ensure that this is done.

The CSD corrects the broker and NIN positions at market level and, in the case of sale trades, releases the pending balance.

Once this has been done this, the shares become unblocked but the end line client can no longer send instructions for the original trade. Entering into a mandatory buy-in on behalf of the broker: Investors purchase or sell securities via their broker. Local custodians receive settlement instructions from the investor via Clearstream.