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Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 16 June Digit 05 - Jan - Retrieved from " https: Financial services companies based in Mumbai. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 August , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But if you sell reliance and Tata steel, you will be charged DP charges twice.. One quick question, I do not seem to find any legal embargo on having two trading accounts even with the same broker — say, one may be for my active trading whereas the other may be for my investment related portfolio.

Can you pls guide me with the legal regulations restricting a broker to open two trading accounts with the same broker for the same individual? Everytime an account is opened, broker updates it on the exchange with PAN.

I have a different question but related to previous thread. Moreover I am not a client of zerodha. Is it possible to manage other person account friend account? If so, Is there any link with my account and their account and How they will pay for me for managing their account?

If you want to take money for advisory, you have to become a registered investment advisor. They charge too much for the delivery based trading. I only follow buy-hold strategy for Months. If yes, normally what charges I have to incur for demat to demat shares transfer? Once they receive, they will transfer it to your new Zerodha demat. You will have to find out from them. Siva, yes it is possible. Link your icici demat to our trading account by giving your icici client master sheet which they would have sent to you when you have opened the account with them.

Once it is mapped to your trading account, you can start buying as CNC, so everytime you buy shares it is sent to your icici demat, but when you want to sell these shares, you have to do it through icici.. So by mentioning existing ICICI demat account id in the account opening form, will the zerodha trading account be linked to the icici demat account? You might have received such an email from ICICI or if you login to your trading account it should also be updated in your user profile, you can take a snapshot of this and print it out….

I have a demat account in Ventura. Yes you can link your ventura demat to Zerodha trading account, so this way you can take delivery, but to sell it from your demat you will have to use the ventura trading account.. Do you offer such an account? Do you allow BSDA account at present? But to be eligible for BSDA, you need to have only 1 demat account and your holdings should never exceed Rs 2lks.

If either of the above happens, in that case the applicable AMC will be charged. What will be the AMC charged if it crosses 2Lacs? Would you also charge demat account opening fees retrospectively if BSDA goes above 2 lacs limit? We have received your request and created the ticket You can click on the link to view and track the progress of your ticket online. Really sorry about any inconvenience caused Yuvesh. Let me check with our team first thing tomorrow morning and get them to call you back.

Or in CNC order taking delivery I will charged differently. Note that for a BSDA, your holdings cannot be worth more than 2 lakh rupees. If you cross this limit, the account automatically becomes a regular demat account. The trading platform we offer is called Zerodha Trader software , Zerodha Web webbased and Zerodha mobile.

Yes like other brokers when you place an order on the platform it is sent directly to the exchanges.. You get margin from your demat account based on NSE haircut margins.

Yes shailendar, you will be able to buy through both icici and zerodha. But while selling, you will have to do it only through icici. Demat is very similar to your bank account, you can receive money from any account, but when you are transferring it out you have to use your primary bank..

I am currently outside India, so will the attestation of photocopy of my passport done by a competent authority in my current location, be a accepted by zerodha as a valid address proof? Yes that should do, we will accept that as an address proof, we would also do an In person verification over a webcam once your forms are here based on your convenience.

If this process was already done by another broker then it will not be required to do an IPV.. I am outside india as well. I do not have my permanent Indian address in the passport.

And FYI, i have icicidirect 3 in 1 account already and like to move to Zerodha. I am more of a investor than a trader.

You will need to map this PIS of yours with our trading account. When you do this, ICICI will share your account balance with us which will be updated on the trading platform, everytime you buy or sell, we will report the contract notes to ICICI and they will release the funds or when you sell the funds will automatically get credited to your ICICI Bank account.

So yes you can use your international address, but you will have to give us a declaration that you are an Indian resident. I have demat account with geojit bnp paribhas.

I have opened trading account with zerodha but is not activated due to inperson verification. I have demat and trading account with geojit bnp paribhas which have done my in person verification. Do i still require ipv…. But if there is any mismatch in the KRA to the documents you have provided, it will have to be done again.

With that account whether she can trade in currency. If yes how to activate this service in that acount?

Currency would most likely be enabled if while opening the trading account your wife had signed next to currency segment. To know if you are enabled or not, log into backoffice and see in your user profile. The other way to find if you are enabled or not is while adding scrip on your market watch, if you see CDS, then it means it is enabled. If not enabled, you will have to sign the segment addition document and courier it to us.

The form is available on https: I have some shares in that DMAT account. If it is not possible, Am I allowed to open only trading account with Zerodha. You can also open only trading account with us, but the issue with this will be that when you buy shares it will go to your idbi demat, but you cannot sell the shares sitting in your idbi demat using the zerodha trading account..

Thanks for the reply. I have some follow up questions. I am thinking of opening a trading account with Zerodha for only for intraday and derivatives options trading. Am I allowed to have two trading accounts one with Zerodha and the other with another broker 2. If I am allowed, will I be able to operate my existing account the way I am doing today or will I have restrictions on that account.

I don;t intend to buy shares for delivery throuh Zerodha trading account. However if in any circumstances, if I buy them how will I sell them. Yes Kumari, you can have as many trading accounts as you want. You could just open a trading account with us. Your existing IDBI account will continue to operate just the way it is now, nothing will change. When you link your idbi demat to your zerodha trading account, whenever you buy stocks, the stocks will be delivered to your idbi demat account.

You can then sell it using the idbi trading account. Dear sir, I wanna join zerodha as an investor cum trader. I have some doubts. Please answer if time permits…. I want to know whether there are any option for lifetime AMC free for demat account.

How can we transfer funds both in and out to zerodha trading account. Which banks are registered for fund transfer. How is your system for squaring off of intraday position, will it automatically do or we have to go.

Whether any options for automatically convert positions into delivery? Trading AMC how much? Is there any lifetime free AMC offer available? How many times of margins available for trading intraday using zerodha mobile App? No automatic, u will have to convert positions manually. No trading AMC 7. You can see details here: I have lost few of my physical share certificates how can I get those back and once I get those back how can I dematerialized it? Is there any time frame to apply for a duplicate share cerificates and is there any charge applicable?

How long the procedure takes? Waiting for your reply. You will have to get in touch with the company directly for this. The process and charges might differ from company to company. If I open an account for trading future and options Nifty and currency is it possible to place orders by phone through your Kochi office Kalamassery if needed?

Yes bsm, other than you being able to place trades online, you can also call the Kochi for call n trades in case of internet failure and also our bangalore office. Can tell me about documents needed for opening account in Non-Individual category? I am register the firm ; as per documents required i ll proceed in that direction.

Hi Dewashish, Here are the documents required to open an account in the name of a Partnership Firm:. Dewashish, propreitorship is not allowed, you can either create a partnership or pvt ltd company.

Either of this would be alright. Am a little confused, yes all people you refer using our backoffice will get mapped to you itself unless if the person whom you referred sends the form mentioning someone else.

You can look at this link for more. Hi, I am currently using my hdfc trading and demat account for intraday trading. Unfortunately it is not allowed to open accounts electronically, you have to send us signed physical document.

Hi Zerodha team, I am one of your very happy customers trading futures. I currently have an individual account and would like to know if i can open a trading account with you as registered company in India. Yes Satish, you can open account with us as a registered company.

Alternatively you can call on and speak to Sandeep or Rakesh. If possible ,please tell me the process. You can open 2 accounts in Individual names.. However you can only place orders only for one ID from one login.. You can open your demat account with a joint holder.. The trading account will be in the name of an individual.. Please note that you have to pay upfront AMC for the first six months which is Rs.

AMC is chargeable at Rs. Sanjay, Demat account opening takes around 7 to 10 working days, from when we have received the completed forms.

I am planning to open an Equity trading account with Zerodha and a demat account with lets say Axis Bank. Now, I do not plan to open trading account with Axis Bank. We should have this up in the next few months. Hi Nitin, I have exact same requirement as Aashish Agarwal. I want to sell though Zerodha without opening any Demat account with Zerodha. If required, I can give transfer instructions before placing my sell order as well.

Will you be able to accept such an order? More importantly, will you be able to credit my bank account with the sales proceeds? Yogesh, our systems are presently not ready for this, but hopefully soon we can do this. Yes the sale proceeds will be credited to your trading, from where you can withdraw to the bank. Essentially I want to separate execution and custody to two different entities. I really do not want to give POA to a broker to operate my custody account.

If yes, you can credit my zerodha demat account for all my purchases and I can use the speed-e to transfer them to my custody demat account. But it is on our list of things to do, but not right now.

You can then transfer this to Zerodha demat, but it has to be done before you place a sell order with us. I have found only individual account opening form on your website. You need only a trading account no need of demat account for trading options. I am not interested in giving ECS instructions for debit of amount in my account.

How ever I will be happy to pay the AMC charges upfront anytime. ECS is not mandatory, it is upto you if you want to sign it or not for AMC charges of the demat account. Can you let me know whom are you talking to at Zerodha?

Sorry about this, we have clearly informed the team that ECS is not mandatory, can you let me know whom you spoke to? I am about to open an account with Zerodha. I am not comfortable with opting for ECS at this stage. There is a section in the form which asks us to fill our bank details and your form also asks us to submit a cancelled cheque leaf? Why is that so if a person does not wish to opt for ECS? The cancelled cheque leaf is for a different reason, it is to map your bank account to the trading account, we ask for the original cancelled cheque to ensure that the bank account belongs to you only.

Thanks for your quick reply. Just a last one. Yes Rajan, you can, but multiple accounts can be used to transfer funds into the trading account, if you want to withdraw, it will still go to your primary bank account. I was trading in zerodha but now i came to dubai.. Yes you can use the same account. If your residential status has changed to NRI with your bank account,then you will need to open a NRI trading account with us.

Copy of PAN Card 2. Copy of Passport 3. Foreign Address proof 5. Indian Address proof 6. Passport Size photos 8. Duly signed account opening forms. Is there a cover order option for Options?. Recently one of the discount brokers in Mumbai has also introduced it in Options segment too.

How to open BSDA?? Kindly help regarding the same. It is the same application form as the normal demat account. The only thing that changes is the rate sheet and an additional declaration sheet. My question is, Can I have positional buy call option till expiry or I need to open demat account with you. So, No demat account is not required. You will have to find the charges from them.

I have been watching the Zerodha z-connect for a few years now. Do you have any time line or a proper plan to provide sell-side support for other demat accounts through Zerodha, either through a PoA executed in favor of Zerodha or some other means Speed-E?

This is a huge barrier for me to switch to Zerodha. Speed-E is something we are looking at, but presently not on top of our priority list. Congratulations first on spotting an opportunity in discount brokerages and facilitating cost effective trading for the retail investor.

I would like to open an account with Zerodha for trading equities and bonds. Can u advise on the following. Hi Nitin, Thanks for your personal reply. Had a few more queries. Rs or 0. Not for trading platform, but you can check the demo of our reporting tool here: Since I am only 19,i am not sure if i can open a demat account in my name…can I? Will opening Zerodha Trading Account serve the purpose?

Yes opening only Zerodha trading account will suffice, but you need to have any other demat account of yours mapped to this trading account. Wanted to have Dmat with Zerodha instead of the one with Icicidirect. Spoke to customer care last week and they emailed me the forms.

I sent the hard copies during weekend. I have asked them to send me back all the documents I have sent. Anyway, will continue to use the Zerodha trading account. Hi i have new zerodha trading nd demat account but my KYC status is still awaiting so right now is it possible for me to buy or sell any share.

I have a job offer overseas. Do i have to any kind of modification with my trading account? You mentioned that one cannot open a trading account in the name of a proprietorship but can one link a bank account of the proprietorship to an existing trading account of the proprietor.

The proprietor already has a personal bank account linked to his existing trading account and wants to add the bank account of the proprietorship to his trading account to speed up the transfer of funds. Can you confirm if this is possible? Assume that a CA can provide a certificate that the proprietorship does indeed belong to the proprietor.

Yes Ashish, I think that should be possible. Send this letter and a cancelled cheque of your new bank account to our account opening office. Some people online say it is free during demant account closure with ICICI, while others say they would charge 0. You will have to while opening the trading account unmap the POA of your demat account, from your previous broker and map it to us.

You can use our online application to fill up the forms and upload all your documents. Not available as of now 3. Yes, you will have to print our online application form, attach the documents and courier it to us. The only issue with this is that when selling you will have to do this via your icici direct account. You can only buy it through us then. Trading account opening is Rs if you print the forms.

Rs 20 as brokerage everytime you trade. Can you explain by what you mean by a direct market access terminal? Today no retail uses it, only prop trading desks running high frequency trades. Yep DMA in India for now is only for institutional investors or for in-house use only. Check this link from NSE. Hello, I recently opened a Zerodha account. I had asked this question earlier when marketing person called me. Then I went ahead and got the account opened.

But I see posts in different forum now saying mutual funds cannot be brought in Zerodha? We are working on taking mutual fund trading live, should take a couple of months more. Do you remember whom you spoke to? Yep Ajay, he is right. We are on the verge of launching our MF platform, hopefully in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Hi Nitin, I am planning to open an account with zerodhha and have filled all forms required. Has the problem been adressed?

I did speak to the staff to get some queries resolved, some of them seemed to be in a hurry to close the call. Hence, I thought of getting this clarified before joining. Ideally if you are trading online, you would never need to speak to us once the account is opened. Nitin, Thanks for the quick response. These are possible with any online broker. How we handle them is important.

I did find something around those on one of the review. I have sent across my documents for opening the account though, hopefully things should be better in good time. I want to open two DMAT accounts: Would I be able to open a trading account in my name with you and link these two DMAT accounts to the same? It is solely in my name. Would it be possible for me to transfer current holdings to the newly opened DMAT accounts that are described above?

The trading and the mapped demat must belong to the same person. Hi Nithin, I had a query similar to Niz. As per your answer, two trading accounts cannot be linked with one demat account. But then what is the meaning of a joint demat account and how is it operated. Even if you have a joint demat, you can have only one trading mapped to it. You can have one joint demat and one individual demat, if two accounts required.

I understand that if i use and link this account to my Zerodha account i would be allowed to only buy and not sell via zerodha. However the entire purpose would be defeated if i am unable to play intraday here. Only in case of delivery. In case of intra, the stock never reaches your demat, hence you can buy and sell.

You mentioned that for intraday in equity, opening a trading account with zerodha is enough. Does it mean that i dont need to have demat account at all?

Provided, i dont want delivery? Yes you need not open a new demat with us. For opening normal trading and demat account charge is Rs. Am copy pasting from our support link http: A BSDA can be opened by retail investors at reduced cost.

All individuals who have only one demat account can open a BSDA provided their value of holdings is not more than 2 lakhs at any point of time. The value of holding shall be determined by the DPs on the basis of the daily closing price or NAV of the securities or units of mutual funds.

While applying I had qualms signing the ECS form. But the sales rep told me that it is mandatory. Could you please let me know whether it is mandatory or not? Could you please help me out with the second one? ECS is preferable, but not mandatory. Hi I am an NRI and holds australian passport.

What this means is that, along with opening a trading account with us, you will need to get a CP code for yourself through a custodian, we have partnered with ILFS. Getting a CP code is some task, will ask someone from our team to email you the requirement. Me and mine friend recently opened a joint account with zerodha via your branch office located in delhi.

The joint account includes both demat and trading. I am the second holder but zerodha opened trading account of first holder only. If you want to trade separately, yes you need to open another trading account. If you want a demat to be mapped to both the accounts, you will have to open another one. If there is a feasibility of trading together in Zerodha, I do not want to open a separate account for now. As per mine understanding of your message, It looks like, we both can trade from same account.

I hope, It would not violate any of your policies and would stand on guidelines of regulatory organizations. But note that at the same time, not more than one can be logged into a trading platform.

Now,I would like to open an Account with Zerodha as I heard brokerage charges are very less and currently I am paying 0. Is it possible with Zerodha? How do I allocate funds to invest in market through Zerodha? We charge Rs 20 or 0. You can see everything here. This includes AMC for demat account for the 1st year. I have a demat account with HDFCsec. I want to link it with Zerodha trading account.

I usually deal in delivery based trading. What are the charges for transferring funds to and from Zerodha trading account? What are the charges of transferring shares to and from Zerodha trading account into HDFCsec demat account? Maximum within how many days shares have to transferred from Zerodha trading account into HDFCsec demat account? Transferring funds into Zerodha is Rs 9, no charges for withdrawing.

There are no charges for this. The reason for this is because when you sell, we will have no right to debit your HDFC demat account. I would like to have a second demat account for segregating sale of shares acquired through exercise of ESOPs this will help avoid co-mingling with existing balances and capital gains problems arising from first in first out.

Can this be additionally linked to my existing trading account? Alternatively, am I permitted to open a second trading account in my own name? Pravir, this will be tricky to support. We can have only one demat mapped to one trading. You cannot have multiple trading account in your name with us.

How easy or difficult would it be to change the demat account that is mapped to my trading account? I am wondering if I could work around the problem by changing this mapping when required perhaps once in a month?

If you are going to be using one of the demat only once in a while one in a month or so , we could have a workaround. You open both your demats with us, and you have one trading account. Whenever you want to sell anything from your inactive demat account, you could tell us the quantity and price via email the previous night. We could do it for you from our side. This would be immensely helpful. Could the support team help me to open this new demat? I am in Process of opening the account with you.

I want to know one thing, if I just opened trading account and then link my existing demat account will I be able to use collateral margin given against the shares in Zerodha for the shares in my linked demat account. No Varun, you will have to pledge those stocks with us, and using a demat account opened with us. My Plan is to invest few lacs in bluechip stocks delivery and used the collateral margin against these shares for taking positions in Options segment.

As long as you are meeting the MTM requirement, no issues at all. Note that you are not allowed to buy options as this is a margin, and hence can be used for trading futures and shorting options.

I want that margin to be used specifically for getting into Short strangle in nifty intraday during low volatility days. I do it regulary through my other account. What kind of leverage can i expect from Zerodha getting into this strategy.

I usually get times through my other account.. Nithin, Can this type of leverage times for short strangle be provided intraday through zerodha??

Check our SPAN calculator , you can enter the strategy and it will tell you the overnight margin requirements. I have a demat account at NSDL which i opened thru SHCIL branch here who is my broker too but he doesnt do intraday and brokerage is too high so my question is can i use that same demat account for trading with zerodha online please answer ASAP. Sohail, yes you can map it to us, but there is a catch. But if you are doing delivery based trading, you will be able to buy stocks through us which we will send it to your SHCIL demat, but while selling you will have to use SHCIL, and hence pay their brokerage charges.

If you want to avoid that, you will have to open a new demat with us. If I have demat account in icici can I open trading account whith you? So if you link your demat to our trading, everytime we get delivery of stocks, it will be sent to your demat. From a long term investment perspective is there a difference between keeping stocks in zero dha demat vs icicidirect delay acc? Is one safer than the other? If I planto invest few crores, will safety of seamy be a factor?

But if you open a trading account, opening a demat with us will always be more convenient. What if I opened a regular trading account in the name of one of my family members who is an Indian resident , and I trade on their behalf? Thanks for your reply Nithin!! Manjith, if you have received your email with DP ID, your demat account must already be open and activated. You can login to your trading account and buy stocks.

I have a resident trading and demat account with Geojith with shares in it, but not operated for the last 2 yrs. Please let me know whether I can open a trading and demat account with zerodha.

If yes, which one will be better resident or nre? Mathew, if you have a resident Savings account and address proof, you could open account as resident itself. Just to clarify, my mother still stays in India. Also, is it that with an NRI trading account you cannot do intraday square off?

Looking forward to your reply. Hitesh, Yes you can open an account in your mothers name. When you buy shares, only when we send the contract note to the bank, do they release the funds to us. This causes an incremental effort to service a NRI, hence the brokerage charges are higher. We now charge Rs per executed order, which is still quite cheap compared to everyone else.

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