Online commodity trading account icici

If yes, how can I, as I see forms links for two options only, a. Please get my situation binare optionen handel lernen and help me open an account at the earliest. Can i sell with trading account of Zerodha linked with hdfc Demat account?

Hi, I was trying to open an account. October 13, at 6: No trading AMC 7. We might have something for you, as long as you want multiple access to just one account. What will be the AMC charged if it crosses 2Lacs?

Not the receiving demat. If so, can you please provide details on how to transfer the shares? Online commodity trading account icici you very much Nithin for your kind answer. I have lost few of my physical share certificates how can I get those back and once I get those back how can I dematerialized it? Dematerialized Account popularly known as Demat Account, is the account where you keep stocks in electronic format.

This has since been resolved. Since he is retired and has no fixed income, what kind of income proof can he show? Let me explain what can be done with each of these accounts:.

February 28, at 4: You can only buy it through us then. You only pay for the seat to take you from point A to point B. Trading AMC how much?

Standard AMC will be applicable once the holdings cross 2 lakhs. Thanks for clarifying Nitin. Can you please let me know why? Can you please guide me on how to proceed? All accounts with credit balances of Rs.

All you need to give extra is the income proof. What documents will be require? The joint account includes both demat and trading. We are on the verge of launching our MF platform, hopefully in the next 3 to 4 weeks. You might have received such an online commodity trading account icici from ICICI or if you login to your trading account it should also be updated in your user profile, you can take a snapshot of this and print it out….

My Plan is to invest few lacs in bluechip stocks delivery and used the collateral margin against these shares for taking positions in Options segment. What if I opened a regular trading account in the name of one of my family members who is an Indian residentand I trade on their behalf? Either of this would be alright.