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Acquaintances are passersby with whom you've interacted in some way, but have not added to your friends list. You can use this list to easily find the trainers from all over the world you've battled or traded with before. If you wish to remove an acquaintance, simply tap their picture and select the starburst icon in the lower left. Passersby are just that - random other players who were online at the sime time as you, from all over the world.

You can battle and trade with anyone, anywhere using this list. The other thing you can do for trainers who are online is rate their characters. Simply tap the "Nice!

The PSS does actually function offline, though in very limited capacity. If you're not connected to the Internet, you can still find Friends, Acquaintances, and Passersby over the 3DS's built-in short-range communications, just like with Streetpass.

You can have a Pokemon battle with players from around the world! To do so, tap an active face in any player category, and then choose battle. You will be presented with four options to set for the battle. It will ask to confirm your decision and allow you to save first. Always save; it only takes a moment, and complications can arise during the transaction. The system attempts to start a battle with the person you have chosen for 90 seconds, as with any other request.

If the person has declined, ignored the request, or is occupied with in-game activities, the game will notify you that the player is not available.

Once connected with your opponent, you can view the Pokemon currently in your party and change their hold items. Upon selecting Battle, Start! After confirming, the battle will commence. When the battle is over you will have the option to save the battle as your Battle Video and then to battle again or exit.

Upon confirming your challenge, the system will search for another trainer and when one is found you can select three Pokemon to enter in the battle. After the battle, you can choose to save the battle to your Battle Video and then whether you want to continue battling or exit. To participate in Rating Battles you must first have an account registered on the Pokemon Global Link. The process for starting a battle is the same as for Free Battles except that you must choose whether your Battle Video will be automatically uploaded to the PGL server.

There is also an additional battle format, Special Battles, which have different regulations for each Rating Battle Season.

Your default rating is and will increase or decrease depending on whether you win or lose battles. If there is a communication disruption on your end during a Rating Battle it will count as a loss for you.

To participate in the Online Competition mode you must first have an account registered on the Pokemon Global Link. Trading can be done with anyone in the world! To do so, tap an active face in any player category, and then choose trade. The system attempts to offer a trade with the person you have chosen for 90 seconds, as with any other request. Once connected with a trader, you will have full access to all of your Pokemon: You may scroll through your inventory sliding left or right and selecting a Pokemon will give you the option to show it to your mutual trader, allowing him to see what you have to offer.

Once you select offer however, you will not be able to rescind that offer until the other person offers his Pokemon or when he cancels the trade. When you're satisfied with what he presents, confirm your trade and begin the process again or exit.

You can have your Pokemon hold items when trading, too. Some Pokemon will require this to evolve. Always double-check before trading away a Pokemon to make sure you're not giving up an item you need, however.

This feature of the PSS allows you to offer a Pokemon at random in exchange for another Trainer's Pokemon of his choice. At the start, you are directed to your boxes to offer something to trade. After you confirm you selection, Wonder Trade searches for someone also using this feature, and gives you his Pokemon in exchange. It then displays the Pokemon's name, what it is holding, the Trainer's name, and his location. Once you select offer, there is no way to undo this transaction.

O-Powers are buffs that you can offer other players or use on yourself. You unlock O-Powers by speaking to Mr. Bonding in various towns. He generally appears in either the local Hotel or Pokemon Center.

O-Powers can do things like buff a Pokemon's stats, heal, award more money or experience, make it easier to capture Pokemon, and more. The duration of each power is 3 minutes. If a trainer is currently using an O-Power, their icon in the PSS will have a circular glow around it.

A yellow circle indicates an O-Power that has effects outside of battle, while a blue circle means a power that has an effect in battle. Tap on that player and you can also receive that O-Power! When someone wishes to view yours, you are prompted to share it with them. You can always return to Lumiose to make a new PR video, and throughout the game you'll receive more techniques to work with. Game Chat is a voice chat feature that uses your 3DS to talk to your friends. You may only use this feature with people on your friends list, not with Acquaintances or Passersby.

Once enabled, you can simply talk to eachother through the 3DS as if you were on the phone together. Remember that everyone around you can hear you too, though! You can send a Shout-Out to broadcast a message to everyone. Likewise, you can also battle and trade with anyone in the vicinity of your wireless signal, regardless of whether or not you know them.

If there are no players nearby, the game will pull online players to fill the passerby spot. In addition to these options, the PSS also offers several other ways to battle and trade. Rating battles affect your online rating. Afterwards, you just sit back and wait until someone accepts.

Not only are they convenient and plentiful, but they also run smoothly. I hardly ever experienced any lag, even when playing with players from across the world. Likewise, finding random partners to battle and trade with is a cinch. If for nothing else, Pokemon X and Y should certainly be praised for that.

One useful feature that was missed in the overview is the set of O-Powers that you can provide for other players or yourself. It's a good way to help out your friends and random players around the world. I like giving out experience bonuses and capture percentage boosts. Why can't they do this with Mario Kart??

For as much as I've ragged on Game Freak for a lot of things even regarding X and Y , this sounds too easy. See someone who's online, start a voice chat with them from the game. I don't have to text them or email them or something just to get their attention. It doesn't sound like you have to jump through too many hoops just to talk with a friend.

It's weird how Game Freak may not be with it in regards to certain things "We had to turn off 3D to make the overworld beautiful" PogueSquadron but then the overworld looks pretty bad.