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This powerful platform has a wide range professional traders associates trading and analytical features while offering reliable access to exchanges from around the world. Whether you are a day trader or you have long term objectives, RJO Futures PRO provides market monitoring as well as tools to accurately implement your trading strategy. For the last 35 years, CQG has been exclusively a high end system provider built for institutional traders.

Their flagship product, CQG Integrated Client, costs professional traders associates a thousand dollars per month, and is popular among banks and fund managers. With high demand for their product and the collaboration of their broker partners, a slimmed down, more affordable version, CQG QTrader was created three professional traders associates ago for individual traders. CQG QTrader supports all types of charts, indicators, and studies that are commonly used in the futures trading world.

Historical data goes back three years on their advanced charts. For accurate and fast trade execution, CQG uses DOMTrader, which is a ladder of real-time bid and offer quotes that are available on the market. In addition, the platform has a unique feature called Formula, which is part of their technical analysis tools. Formula enables users to create their own studies and indicators, using any of the available data such as last price, volume, weekly average, etc. Another benefit of using CQG Qtrader is their server based smart order management system.

Many professional traders associates trading platforms require users to leave their own computers on in order to manage order logic such as Iceberg, trailing stop or order cancel order OCO. This means that even if professional traders associates computer was accidentally turned off, or your home internet lost connection, your profit taking or loss preventing order would continue to run.

If you are interested in the CQG platform, you can try out a two week demo and let your firsthand experiences speak for themselves. We are confident that you will find that the platform not only offers features that meet your expectations, but also inspires more trading ideas and strategies.

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