What employee stock option compensation plans are offered by coca-cola and pepsico

How do they affect the financial statements? Why do companies make investments in other companies? What are the differences between debt and equity investments? What would influence a company to c.. What are the differences between traditional and derivative instruments? Why do companies use derivative instruments? Explain whether or not derivatives are a good investment. What experience do you have with either traditional or derivative instruments in your organization or an organizati..

What are the differences between basic and diluted earnings per share? What are the differences between the numerator and the denominator in the basic and diluted earnings per share calculations? What actions can an organization take in order to improve their earnings per share? Why do companies offer stock options? What is the experience of either your organization or an organization that you are familiar with when it comes to stock option compensation?

How do you determinate if a change in principle should be reported retroactively, currently or prospectively? How do these changes affect financial statements? Why do accountants make errors? What types of errors may occur? Why is it necess.. As an employee, would you rather have defined contribution plan or a defined benefit plan? As an employer, would you rather offer a defined contribution plan or a defined.. Why are there between taxable and financial income? What are some example of payment and temporary differences?

How do they affect financial statements. How do they relate to th.. Are derivatives a good investment? Explain why or why not. What are the differences between debt and equity in.. Should stock-option compensation be included as an expense when calculating an organization's net income? What is the experience of either your organization or an or.. Complete the following for this assignment as a team: By buying bottled water, consumers aim to establish themselves as savvy and health-conscious, even though they could simply drink a glass of tap water that is 2, times less expensive.

This nutrition-minded and independent customer is exactly who soda giants like Pepsi and Coke are currently trying to attract as they grow their bottled water businesses.

Water is one of the hottest beverages in the nonalcoholic-drink market, with consumption of water brands Dasani, Aquafina, and Poland Springs all increasing in volume from 6. As a result, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are looking to drinks outside of their namesake beverages to grow sales. Rather, the company is focusing on healthy snacks and noncarbonated beverages — a process the company calls "future-proofing.

Similarly, Coca-Cola's "still" beverages such as tea, juice, and bottled water are growing sales by volume as soda shrinks. It is also an industry that won't stop growing. As Americans turn away from soda, it is exactly the kind of beverage companies like Pepsi and Coke need in their portfolio. Here's how much sugar is in your favorite drinks. Coca-Cola's future isn't about soda anymore.

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